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Cynwyd Elementary School


Centennial Celebration Summary

Students at the Cynwyd 100 Celebration

By the Numbers:

  • One year of planning resulted in the execution of 12 events and initiatives
  • Two major community events were hosted: the Alumni Reception and Parade
  • Two television shows about Cynwyd were produced by Lower Merion TV
  • Three major press outlets covered the various events at the school
  • Four all-school assemblies engaged the students
  • Five months saw at least one centennial-related event per month
  • Six weeks of research were needed to correctly determine all of Cynwyd's past 9 principals!
  • 17 Corporate Sponsors and 2 Family Sponsors helped fund our celebrations
  • 21 amazing and dedicated parent volunteers took the lead as sub-committee heads
  • 150 alumni and community members (approx.) attended the Alumni Reception
  • 350 people (approx.) either attended, marched in or volunteered at the Parade
  • 500 commemorative booklets were printed and distributed to school families and staff
  • 1,000 pennants were ordered, assembled, and given out over the course of the celebrations

Unexpected Benefits of Our Outreach/Initiatives:

  • We formed deeper connections with local community groups, including the Neighborhood Club of Bala Cynwyd and our neighbors at the Academy House, the Lower Merion Historical Society.
  • We benefitted from contact with – much unsolicited – many alumni and retired teachers who shared their fond memories and stories of Cynwyd.
  • Students were very excited about and engaged in learning Cynwyd's history, especially through the time capsule from 1989.
  • We met the original Owlbert!

Lasting Legacy of the Centennial Celebration:

  • A Centennial Video was produced with testimony from current & past teachers, staff, alumni and parents that reflects on the special place that is Cynwyd Elementary.
  • The school's history was researched and documented in both the History Exhibit and a commemorative booklet, to be preserved for future generations.
  • A Time Capsule was filled with student projects and other memorabilia, to be opened in 50 years. In addition, we will re-seal the 1989 time capsule to be re-opened.
  • A Centennial Walkway was installed at the front of the school, comprised of bricks and pavers donated by current school families, staff and alumni.
  • Three Buddy Benches have been purchased by the HSA and will be permanently installed on school grounds by the start of the 2014-15 school year.

List of All Events and Initiatives:

  1. Kick-Off Pep Rally
  2. Alumni Reception
  3. History Assembly with the Lower Merion Historical Society and New Horizons Senior Glee Club
  4. Commemorative Video produced in association with LMHS
  5. Time Capsule
  6. All-School Art Show
  7. Facts, Fads and Fashions Assembly
  8. Human Chain
  9. Centennial Parade
  10. Centennial Walkway
  11. Commemorative Booklet
  12. Buddy Benches