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Lower Merion School District


LMSD Reporting Form

The Lower Merion School District strives to create a community where every student feels valued and safe. Recent social media posts and testimonies have made it clear that our District has not yet reached that goal. Students have shared their personal experiences of feeling discriminated against, marginalized, harassed, bullied, and they have reported engaging in self-harming behavior.

We have created this platform as a way for members of our LMSD community to share their experiences with members of the School Board and Administrative Departments such as Student Services, Human Relations, Policy and Curriculum – all of whom work to help students and to ensure that our school community is welcoming and inclusive.

All members of the LMSD community are urged to use form to share testimonies, including concerns about how your school handled any social injustices, witnessed or experienced. If you feel comfortable, please include your name, gender pronouns and connection to LMSD. Or, if you prefer, you can remain fully anonymous. Additionally, please indicate if you would like someone from the District to reach back to you to follow up on your concerns.