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Keep Kids Safe

The Lower Merion School District and Lower Merion Township are partnering in a community-wide effort to support the physical and mental health and safety of young people. This initiative was kicked off with a Family Information Night in June 2023, where information was shared on topics such as internet and social media safety and monitoring; mental health crisis support; healthy activities at local libraries and parks; and when and how law enforcement should be called with concerns.

This event was followed by the implementation of LMSD’s “Off and Away” program in September 2023. And, in the coming months, this page will feature additional pertinent videos and resources to help our community support children and youth.

“Keep Kids Safe” is a series of informational videos produced collaboratively by the Lower Merion School District and Lower Merion Township in recognition of the fact that the safety of our community’s children is a shared responsibility. Each month, a short video and links to relevant resources will be shared here.

April 2024

In our fourth "Keep Kids Safe" video, Dr. Lauren Hopkins, LMSD's Supervisor of Clinical Services & Gifted Education, shares information about how the District supports the mental health of students.

February 2024

In our third "Keep Kids Safe" video, Lower Merion Township Police Officer Daren Swain explains how law enforcement responds to and partners with schools, when law enforcement involvement is requested. To learn more about Lower Merion Township Police, visit their website here.

January 2024

In our January “Keep Kids Safe” video, Dennis Witt, LMSD’s Supervisor of Safety, Security & Custodians, explains the physical safety measures in place in our schools. These physical measures, in conjunction with our ongoing efforts to ensure students feel a sense of belonging in our schools, are a key part of LMSD’s overall safety and security plan. Mr. Witt also explains some of the ways LMSD partners with Lower Merion Township Police to protect the safety of students and staff.

September 2023

In our first "Keep Kids Safe" video, Kimberly Fraser, the Director of Student Services for the Lower Merion School District, explains the basics of the Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines (CSTAG) process. This is the process LMSD use to determine whether a threat poses an actual risk to student safety and to inform an appropriate response, which may or may not involve law enforcement. You can learn more about CSTAG here.


On Monday, June 12, 2023, Lower Merion School District and Lower Merion Township partnered on an event designed to provide families with helpful information and resources they might find useful during the summer months, when students' school routine is disrupted.

11 panelists sit a long table with papers and microphones in front of them

After a welcome from Acting Superintendent Megan E. Shafer, the panel members addressed topics such as device and social media management, potential interactions with law enforcement, addressing mental health concerns, and wholesome summer activities. Panelists were:

  • Jen Goldberg, LMSD Elementary Technology Specialist
  • George Frazier, LMSD Directof of Information Systems
  • Joe Hunsicker, John Mick and Jim Batinger, Lower Merion Township Police
  • Christopher Hall, Welsh Valley Middle School Principal
  • Dr. Adil Nure, LMSD Lead Supervisor of Clinical Services and Gifted Education
  • Moira Tumelty, Montgomery County Mobile Crisis
  • Donna Heller, Lower Merion Township Director of Parks and Recreation
  • Dawnita Brown, Lower Merion Township Library System, Ardmore Children's Librarian

You can view the video of the event here!