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Families attend "Jazz and Friends" event

Families attend "Jazz and Friends" event
Families attend "Jazz and Friends" event

Dozens of LMSD students attended "Jazz and Friends," a family reading event to support trans and non-binary youth. The event took place at Gladwyne Elementary School on February 26, 2020.

Participating families shared dinner and time to socialize before joining to read books that feature gender expansive characters, including "I Am Jazz," "Julian is a Mermaid," "They She He Me: Free to Be!" "Jacob's Room to Choose" and "Red: A Crayon's Story."

Children's Book World provided copies of the books that families could purchase. Students from Harriton High School's GSA helped with the readings and also provided fun craft activities for the participants.

Jazz and Friends reading events are promoted by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's Welcoming Schools program and the National Education Association.

Lower Merion School District prides itself on Inclusivity and Belonging and was one of the first Districts to adopt a Policy on Gender Expansive and Transgender Students: Ensuring Equity and Nondiscrimination (Policy and Administrative Regulation 259).

To see a slide show of photos from the event, click below: