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Black Rock Middle School


Facts & Stats

Year Opened: 2022

Grade Levels:   5-8

Type of School:    Public

Number of Students:   1042

Number of Staff: 150

Campus Net Acreage:   22 acres

School Colors: Black & Gold

Mascot: Royals

 The student ambassadors, along with our Principal Sarah Stout,  presented their top-five choices to the School Board and to their peers, hoping    to identify a mascot with characteristics that will define the school’s culture. All the students who will attend BRMS voted for their favorite. The winning mascot was   The Royals.   The students said   The Royals     reflect qualities including strength, being welcoming to all, being smart and being spectacular. 

Facilities:   The 208,000-SF, three-story middle school building project began in September 2020 and  is on track to be completed by September 2022. The new building will feature multiple gymnasia and a theater with retractable seating in the public areas right off the main entrance, along with a "heart" area, where students can congregate to socialize and collaborate. Traditional classrooms will be replaced by "learning communities" -- flexible spaces for either large-group team teaching, small group instruction, or student collaboration. The middle school campus will also have a multi-purpose field, a practice field, track and tennis courts.

Percentage of Minority Students:   35.70% (9.02% African-American,   11.71%   Asian/Asian-American,   5.76%   Latino/Hispanic,   9.12%   Multi-Racial,   .09% Indigenous)

Fun Fact:   The site where the new middle school is    being built has an interesting history. The main building now sits where a mansion once was, originally built as a family home for Morris Clothier, chairman of the Strawbridge and Clothier stores. Later, it became the site of the Northeastern Christian Junior College before most recently serving as the Foundation for Islamic Education.