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Belmont Hills Celebrates Acceptance & Autism Awareness
Belmont Hills Celebrates Acceptance & Autism Awareness

With the help of their teacher-advisors, students in Belmont Hills' Best Buddies Club organized and led April's Whole-School Morning Meeting where the Bulldogs discussed how communication looks different for everyone. At the beginning of the virtual meeting, each grade level greeted the school community using different forms of communication including verbal, written, visual and non-verbal methods. An emphasis throughout the meeting was how important it is for everyone to be patient, understanding and kind when communicating with one another.

As a closing activity at the end of the day, the entire school gathered on the field to create an infinity sign – a symbol for Autism Acceptance – and to blow bubbles in a demonstration of solidarity in raising Autism Awareness. Each bubble stands for a symbol of hope for the future for all of those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It was a very special day for the Belmont Hills' school community!