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Belmont Hills Elementary School


About BHES

Belmont Hills Elementary School will provide a safe and caring environment where all students can develop skills needed to be lifelong problem solvers. Through a partnership with the staff, parents and community, we envision a school where learners are supported so that they reach their academic potential and are valued as unique individuals. The school's environment will promote respect, responsibility and kindness to self and others as we prepare each student to be a caring and contributing citizen.

The staff and parents of Belmont Hills are committed to providing a balanced learning experience for all of our students, with focus on fundamental concepts and building blocks for the future. This includes academic growth through instruction in the core concepts, knowledge and skills of the curriculum. We feel that intellectual growth by developing students' abilities to think, apply, and communicate with other students are integral parts of a well-balanced student.

The Bulldog Code of Conduct
"No Bones About It!"
We treat everyone with courtesy and respect.
We treat personal and school property with respect.
We create and maintain a positive and safe environment.
We come to school prepared for learning.
We act responsibly and accept consequences for our actions.
We help everyone in school feel capable,
connected, and contributing."