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Bala Cynwyd Middle School



Grade 6 – Science

The focus of sixth grade science is the processes that shape the Earth.  Hands-on labs provide concrete experiential learning through which students apply scientific skills, scientific inquiry and scientific methodology. Investigations include plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, rocks and minerals, weather, and composition and features of the planets in the solar system.

During this course, students will examine and understand the relationship between Earth’s interior and its features; identify the three major rock groups – igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic – their characteristics and the processes by which they are formed; examine the processes of water and weather in earth systems and demonstrate the cycling of water in and out of the atmosphere; as well as compare and contrast the surface features of the planets and explain how the tilt of the Earth causes seasons and weather patterns.

Grade 7 - Biology

Seventh grade science is an introductory course in biology for students to begin to understand the living world around them.  It provides students with an intensive overview of the diversity, variation, interaction, adaptation, and changes among living things.

Living science in seventh grade offers a hands-on, laboratory based approach to the inquiry method of learning.  Students are given the opportunity to develop basic lab skills through investigation and experimentation.  They are actively involved in research and a variety of presentations and projects.

During this course, students will demonstrate an understanding of the scientific process; investigate the needs and relationships of living things based on biotic and abiotic factors; analyze the components of cells and the processes that occur within them; explain the foundation of modern genetics; explore present day evolutionary theories; detail organisms found within each of the six kingdoms; and explore ecology as it is interwoven throughout life science.

Grade 8 - Physical Sciences

Eighth grade science is an exploratory course involving opportunities to construct knowledge and develop skills through problem-solving, laboratory activities, projects, and inquiry-based learning.

During this course, students will understand concepts of physics, basic chemistry, and astronomy; develop and conduct experiments, critically analyze the process and results, and communicate their findings; apply technology in solving problems, and discuss applications of technology in society; critically analyze problems, and utilize the appropriate mathematical applications required to solve those problems; and recognize that science is data based, subject to revision, and an integral part of their lives.