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Bala Cynwyd Middle School


Guidance Program

School Guidance Curriculum :

School counselors deliver the guidance curriculum to all students through classroom lessons. The lessons are based on ASCA Student Competencies.

  • 6th Grade: Students learn about their personal learning styles
  • 7th Grade:  Students learn resume building & sexual harassment prevention
  • 8th Grade: Students explore their interests and careers & Annual Career Fair

Our comprehensive school counseling program at BCMS will:

  • Be based on specified goals and developmental student competencies for grades 6-8
  • Be planned and coordinated by school counseling staff with input from other school, parent, and community representatives
  • Incorporate community resources
  • Be evaluated and developed by using measurable data
  • Actively involve counseling representatives to monitor students’ outcomes and progress

Individual Student Planning:

Transition Activities: All school counselors are involved in transition activities assisting students and families adjusting to BCMS and each subsequent grade level. Some transition activities include:

  • Multiple visits to all three feeder elementary schools to meet with students
  • Coordinating transition activities/tour for all three feeder schools
  • Meeting with all sending and receiving school counselors to share vital student concerns

Responsive Services:

School counselors provide responsive services through brief individual school counseling, providing community resources, and implementing crisis response.

  • Small Group Curriculum: Group Counseling is an excellent opportunity for students to gain personal insight, give and receive feedback from other students, and learn specific skills. The school counselors facilitate several groups as part of the School Counseling Program. Groups are developed based on student needs and interests.

System Support:

  • Consultation: Our school counselors routinely consult with parents, staff, and administration to help students achieve academic and social / personal success in school.
  • Advisory Council: We meet bi-annually with our advisory council comprised of parents, professional staff, and administrators to share information about our Program and receive feedback from our stakeholders.