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Bala Cynwyd Middle School



To sign up for the BCMS HSA Listerv online and receive our weekly newsletter, The Knightly News, please send an email to:

Executive Board

Position Volunteer Grade Email
President Allison Crawford    
Treasurer Meryl Sultanik 7th
Co-Treasurer Jamie Habre
Secretary Cicely Reece
6th Grade Rep Dolan Kneafsey 6th
6th Grade Rep Carolyn Coyle Vachani 6th, 8th
7th Grade Rep Anu Chaudhuri 7th
7th Grade Rep Stephanie Shin 7th
8th Grade Rep Maryellen Riggio 8th
8th Grade Rep Kes Messenger 8th
ISC Art Rep David Difuntorum 6th
ISC Representative Kami Pulsifer 6th
Directory Chair VOLUNTEER NEEDED    
Directory Co-Chair VOLUNTEER NEEDED    
Book Fair Co-Chair Mabel Haggarty 7th
Book Fair Co-Chair Brooke Grandwetter 7th
Book Fair Co-Chair Jessica Kushner 6th
BC Knightly News Editor Allison Crawford 6th
BC Knightly News Co-Editor VOLUNTEER NEEDED    
Principal Sarah Stout BC
Assistant to the Principal Ruth Novak BC
BCMS Student Government Amanda Groen BC
BCMS Student Government Meghann Morrison BC
School & Community Relations Anna M. O’Hora LMSD
Member-at-Large Gina Lee 8th
Member-at-Large Robin Gold 6th
Member-at-Large Carra Matura 6th
Member-at-Large Rachel Mauceri 7th
Member-at-Large Dawn Willette
Member-at-Large B. Lisa Foster
Member-at-Large Jennifer Shockley
Member-at-Large Maha Labbad 6th
Member-at-Large Jennifer Gallagher
Member-at-Large Tracy Coyle 6th
Member-at-Large Jen Hittelman 6th
Member-at-Large Marina Gerstemeier 6th


Dear BC Parent/Guardian:

Welcome to BCMS Home and School Association (HSA) - We are gearing up for the 2016-2017 School Year and WE NEED YOU!

Your BCMS HSA is the link between Home and School. We encourage you to become active in our HSA by volunteering - it is important to be involved. You will meet other parents/guardians and feel more connected to your child and your child's school. Please email your grade level representative or either of the HSA co-presidents to find out more about volunteer information.

You will also feel more involved at BCMS by attending HSA meetings, which are held during the school year. Exact dates will be listed in your school calendar.

If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to contact an HSA Executive Board member. We are always happy to hear from you!