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Technology Student Association

TSA is a nation-wide organization dedicated to students K-12 with an interest in technology education. TSA now serves more than 160,000 K-12 students in 2,000 schools in 47 states nationwide. Through more than thirty competitive events, TSA teaches members a variety of lifelong skills such as teamwork, leadership, perseverance and dedication. Through TSA, members have the opportunity to travel to exciting places across the country and the chance to form connections with students of similar interests but diverse backgrounds. This club is open to current TSA members.

Student Government

The Student Government is a vital link between students, faculty and school administration. It also sponsors social activities and worthwhile charitable projects. Student Government is composed of a representative and alternate from each Social Studies Class. The representatives and alternates are chosen by popular vote, conducted within each Social Studies Class sometime during the first quarter.

The Student Government representatives, once elected, assemble with the officers on a regular basis during the school year in accordance with the Constitution of the Student Government. A faculty member, appointed by the Principal, serves as general advisor of the Government.

All Middle School social activities sponsored by Student Government must have prior approval of the Principal and advisor. Student Government Social Activities are only open to Bala Cynwyd Middle School students unless otherwise specified.

Science Olympiad

Each year 15 top-notch science students will be picked by the science teachers to represent our school in the Pennsylvania Science Olympiad. These students must be in seventh, eighth or ninth grade. The team will build various science projects and prepare for extensive testing in all areas of the science curriculum.

In March, the team travels to a college in the area to compete against other middle schools in the Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Science Olympiad. Based on performance in regional competition, eligible teams may participate in state finals. Our team has gone to Nationals twice in the last 2 years, placing 4th among all the schools in North America.

Students who are members of this team should be excellent science students, and be willing to spend quite a bit of time building projects and studying for the competitions. Commitment (attendance at practices, etc.) is a criterion for member selection.


Mathcounts is a nationwide program designed to increase students' interest and ability in mathematics, and to heighten awareness of the importance of math. It is an opportunity for seventh and eighth grade students to compete with other students in mathematical problem solving at the local, state and national levels. Practice sessions for the competition begin in early November. Students meet once or twice weekly culminating in the county competition in February. The four members of the Mathcounts teams are chosen from participants in these practice sessions. Practice is informal and allows students enrichment in math, as well as an opportunity to have fun working on unusual problems in groups with other students. Students often go on to state and national competitions.

School Store

The school store is located in the cafeteria and offers an opportunity for our students to learn to operate a small retail business and provides a service to our students, parents, and teachers by making needed school supplies readily available. 

Theatre Productions

The middle school theatre program affords 6th, 7th and 8th grade students the opportunity to showcase their many talents. Auditions are held for all students interested in performing in a musical and/or drama production. The BCMS theatre season consists of a full length play (drama or comedy), a musical show, and a one-act play for competition. The theatre program offers students a chance to learn technical and performance skills. Lighting, sound, sets, costumes, props, and publicity are the major technical crews. Students have the chance to perform as actors, dancers, singers, and musicians. By stimulating creative thinking and problem solving, the BCMS theatre program teaches the importance of personal commitment, cooperative work and goal setting.

BC Applause

This organization is for all students who are interested in theatre arts. Students who want to learn more about theatre and who want to participate in the performing and/or technical areas of theatre are invited to be a part of BC Applause.

BC Applause provides students with support, information, and experiences to make theatre an important part of middle school education. In addition to meetings and workshops, BC applause sponsors a theatre trip each year. Membership is open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Junior Thespian Society

The Junior Thespian Society honors students for outstanding work in theatre. Membership is granted for demonstration of meritorious work in all areas of theatre arts including production (stage crew, sound/lighting technicians, musicians, props crew, costume crew, etc.) and performance. The goal of the Junior Thespian Society is to recognize all students who are actively involved in Bala Cynwyd's Theatre Program. This organization is part to the International Thespian Society; therefore, membership eligibility follows criteria set up by international guidelines. A formal initiation ceremony takes place in the spring.

Yearbook - Lance and Shield

Each year, the Middle School publishes a school yearbook. The yearbook includes pictures of all the students, faculty and staff, as well as team pictures for sports and clubs. The yearbook staff is composed of Middle School students who take pictures, lay out the design, edit, advertise and sell the yearbook. Students wishing to purchase a yearbook must place an order in the fall. Order forms for the yearbook are mailed directly students home.


Assemblies are presented periodically, on a scheduled basis, throughout the year by various departments for the enlightenment and entertainment of the student body. At the Awards Assembly, at the end of the school year, awards for academic achievement, service to the school, and participation in the school athletic and activities program are presented.