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Bala Cynwyd Middle School


BCMS Staff Members Honored for Saving Student's Life

Emergency responders from Narberth Ambulance honored staff members from Bala Cynwyd Middle School whose quick actions saved the life of an 11-year-old student who suffered a cardiac arrest in February while playing basketball in the gym before school. 

The student, Steven G., and his grateful family also attended the recognition ceremony, which was held May 9, 2023, at the Narberth Ambulance Headquarters in Ardmore. Steven is back in school and has recently been cleared to return to participation in PE classes. 

Chief of Operations Christopher Flanagan praised the school team's preparedness and expertise, including CPR training and the availability of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), along with their coordination and calm during the 11-year-old student's medical emergency.

PE and Health teachers, who were supervising the game, saw the student collapse, quickly alerted the school nurse, began CPR and called 9-1-1, all while keeping other students calm and out of the way. Chief Flanagan noted that by the time emergency responders, including Lower Merion Township Police, arrived, the school team had administered four shocks with the AED.

The emergency responders were able to administer advanced life support while transporting the student to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The CHOP emergency doctor who treated Steven is an LMSD parent and also praised the staff response. 

The BCMS staff members honored were: 

  • Christine O’Connell (Nurse)
  • Harry Mobley (Campus Aide)
  • Noelle Samulewicz (6th grade teacher) 
  • Donna Price (Gym Teacher)  
  • Mike Isackman (Custodian)
  • John Alison (Custodian)
  • Adam Miller (Gym Teacher)
  • Matthew Stinson (Gym Teacher)
  • Mary Clary (School Nurse)
  • Craig Martin (6th grade teacher) 
  • Collin Whiteside (Gym Teacher)
  • Nick Allen (Assistant Principal)

Click though the slide show below for photos from the recognition event. 


BCMS Asst. Principal Nick Allen and Principal Jeffrey Hunter
LMSD Supervisor of School Security is congratulatedd
BCMS staff listen as Chf. Flanagan praises their lifesaving efforts
Steven G and his family watch and listen during the ceremony
BCMS Nurse Christine O'Connell accepts congratulations
BCMS Campus Aide Harry Mobley accepts congratulations
BCMS custodian Mike Isackman accepts congratulations
BCMS custodian John Alison accepts congratulations
BCMS PE/Health teacher accepts congratulations
BCMS PE/Health teacher accepts congratulations
BCMS Nurse Mary Clary acccepts congratulations
BCMS PE/Health teacher is congratulated
BCMS Asst. Principal Nick Allen is congratulated
BCMS staff pose with their certificates of honor
Steven G poses with Narberth Ambulance Chief Christopher Flanagan
Steven G. stands with Narberth Ambulance Chief
Steven G and his family listen as BCMS staff and first responders are honored
BCMS staff pose with other first responders who saved Steven G.'s life
Steven G and his family pose with first responders who saved his life
A Fox 29 news crew interviews Steven G and his parents
A BCMS PE/Health teacher is interviewed by a Fox 29 news crew
Steven G.'s mother speaks with BCMS Principal Jeffrey Hunter and staff
Steven G.'s mother chats with BCMS PE/Health teachers