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About LMSD@Home

LMSD@Home is a fully remote K-12 option taught by LMSD educators and following LMSD curriculum. The instruction will be delivered synchronously and asynchronously throughout the school day, similar to the model of an in-person classroom. (Note: this is different from the Lower Merion Virtual Academy (LMVA) option, which is primarily asynchronous and is being offered in partnership with the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit’s MVP program).

LMSD@Home     is a full-year option for families who do not plan to have their children return to in-person instruction during the 2020-2021 school year, even after school buildings reopen. Families who do not plan to send their children back to our buildings are asked to sign up for LMSD@Home by August 17, 2020, so that classroom and teacher assignments can reflect this choice. LMSD@Home will look and feel very similar to the remote instruction in which all students will participate at the start of the 2020-2021 school year; however, there may be modifications to the schedule and course offerings.

Each LMSD@Home student will be assigned to an LMSD teacher – or teachers for middle and high schools -- for core content instruction. Special area instruction will be offered to the extent possible, pending enrollment and teacher assignments. Because each high school offers more than 200 courses, at the high school level, courses for LMSD@Home may be offered via video from an in-person classroom. Enrolled students who receive special education and related services, ELD and gifted support will have those services provided by LMSD staff.

View a PDF of the presentation given to parents with more general information and an overview of the program here. Click here to watch a video recording of the Parent/Guardian Informational Zoom Session.