A message to LM/HH alumni regarding alumni directories

To all Lower Merion and Harriton High School Alumni,

Some of you purchased a 2013 directory from a company called Alumni Research. The LM/H Alumni Association used this company to help maintain our database but we were never affiliated with them with regards to the directory. After years of promising a directory to people who ordered and paid for them, the company still has not delivered the product of a finished directory. As a result of this poor business practice on their part, the Alumni Association has decided to sever ties with Alumni Research.

Although the Alumni Association was in no way responsible for the directory, nor did we ever profit from it, we are terribly sorry that this problem occurred. As a result, we now are in a position of having to build a new database for all alumni from Lower Merion and Harriton. Once the database launches, please be aware that you will need to keep your information current so class agents are able to have access to your correct emails and addresses. If any of your information changes, due to relocation, please go to www.lmhalum.org to update your information. This is also the site where you can join the organization by becoming a paid member. Your payment benefits the high schools of Lower Merion Township and supports their current students, as well as provides scholarship funds to some graduates. You will also be able to find out reunion information and contact your class agent at this site.

Once again, we are all disappointed that the new directory was never delivered. Thank you for your past and continued support of the LMH Alumni Association.


To all Lower Merion and Harriton alumni who ordered a Directory from Alumni Research, Inc. (ARI), we apologize it was never delivered. Our alumni association does not publish the directory nor do we profit from it. This company successfully published a directory for LM/H alumni in 2008. As a result, we never suspected there would be an issue with them publishing a directory in 2013.

Although we have made numerous inquiries, and even got advice from a lawyer with regards to the issue, we have no information about when or if the directory will ever be delivered to you by ARI. We are unable to handle individual issues and concerns with regards to this matter and encourage you to contact them, personally, to resolve the issue. Information about how to do so may be found below.

Anyone who purchased a Lower Merion/Harriton High School Alumni Directory from Alumni Research, Inc. and did not receive it, may complete a complaint form from the Florida Attorney General's office. Complaints can be filed electronically by visiting their website: http://myfloridalegal.com/ On the right hand side of the page (under "Quick Links") is a link to file a complaint.

NOTE: according to wording on the complaint form information, if you use an email address, that address may be made public; therefore, we suggest mailing the form. Complaints may also be filed by printing and mailing the complaint form. Again, this is the recommended procedure for filing the complaint.

If you want suggestions on what documentation you need, contact Ted Goldsborough, LM 1957, at tedsusan@verizon.net. He can e-mail you his completed form and documentation as an example of what to do.

Although we have not been successful in resolving the issue or hearing back from the company about our complaints, we suggest you contact ARI directly with any questions and concerns. Contact Customer Service Representative Matthew Laping at mlaping@alumniresearch.com. The company CEO is Robert Laping, email address rlaping@alumniresearch.com. The address for Alumni Research is 3333 US Hwy 19, Suite 2, Holiday, FL 34691-1808. Their toll free phone number is 1-855-277-5546, and their fax number is 1-727-845-8842.

Again, we apologize for this situation. We are ALL disappointed about the lack of a directory and the loss of the money we individually paid for the directory.

Joni Rash Blum, LM 1969
Lower Merion/Harriton High Schools Alumni Association President