Fall 2016 Letter to Alumni

Dear Alumni,

The Lower Merion/Harriton Alumni Association is looking forward to a wonderful year full of projects and more sophisticated communication with our alumni.

This past year we had to recover from the disturbing loss of the company providing our database coverage, Alumni Research, which filed bankruptcy and cut off communication with all its customers. We retained a copy of all alumni information that was shared with them and have now devised a new system to be used until a permanent plan is in place. The most disappointing part of the company filing bankruptcy is that several hundred of our alumni had paid Alumni Research for a 2013 directory, money which the company chose not to refund when it filed bankruptcy. We have no control over how this company chose to handle the situation; however, it is being dealt with by the Attorney General of Florida. More information is available about this situation on our website in postings concerning the directory.

We hope you will contribute to our organization this coming year. Please remember we do not have a lifetime contribution fee, but you can opt to pay for multiple years at one time. We also appreciate donations above and beyond the $15.00 suggestion.

Please feel free to look over our beautiful website to see all reunion information and to contact your class agent. If there is not a class agent listed for your class, we are in need of someone to volunteer for the position!

The board of directors of the LM/H Alumni Association is made up entirely of volunteers. It is our pleasure to coordinate this association, but we are always looking for volunteers to join us in organizing functions. If you are interested in volunteering, please message the association at lmhalumni@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you!

It is now time to contribute for 2016-2017. You can either print the form, available here, and mail to our PO Box or join via the membership link on our website. We encourage you to update your information online as well via this secure link. If you have relatives who are now alumni please pass this message on to them! Our new email address is lmhalumni@gmail.com. We hope you continue your support of our organization. Thank you in advance!

We are a VOLUNTEER organization. While we have the strong approval of the schools, we do not have administrative or financial support at this time. There is an annual contribution fee of $15. We do not have a lifetime fee!

We welcome additional donations, however they must be given to our general fund and cannot be earmarked for a specific activity. Our fiscal year runs from S eptember 1- August 31 and our activities include:

· Communications with all alumni
· Reunion publicity on Alumni website/local cable channel and the Alumni newsletter
· Maintain school and Association history
· Maintain and improve website
· Maintain contact with class agents
· Coordinate alumni honor lines at graduations
· Coordinate Association memberships
· Maintain and keep current alumni database
· Coordinate Distinguished Alumni Award programs
· Support small capital projects

Most classes have a class agent who volunteers for the position. If there is no class agent, the Alumni Association is interested in finding a volunteer. Class agents are listed on our website, LMSD.org/alumni and classmates can establish contact directly with the class agent through e-mail. The Alumni Association provides reunion advice and support, but it is the class agent who handles the reunion planning.

Download a PDF copy of this letter and the form by clicking here.

Thank you for your support and consideration.


Joni Rash Blum (LM '69)
President, LM/H Alumni Association