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Lower Merion School District


Steering Committee


Steering Committee
Mr. Almonte Eric Parent Parent
Ms. Alperin Solms Liz Consultant President Insyte Partners
Ms. Arnold-Schwartz Danielle Teacher - WVMS Teacher - VOC
Mr. Askey Jordan Student - LMHS Student - Lower Merion
Mr. Bell Nick Teacher - PVES Teacher-Special Education
Ms Boutselis Amy Student - LMHS Student - Lower Merion
Ms. Bowlby Becky Counselor - HHS College Access Counselor
Ms. Brletich Anne Teacher - BCMS Teacher-Math / English
Ms. Brown Candace Counselor - MRES Counselor - Elementary
Ms. Cipolla Kim Teacher - GLES Teacher- Special Education
Ms. Davis Shannon Teacher - HHS Teacher - Spanish
Ms. Demaray Katherine Teacher - HHS Teacher -Math-IB
Mr. DiDio James Community Member CEO/Founder-Executive Alliance Partners
Mr. Eveslage Scott Administrator - HHS Principal - Harriton High School
Dr. Fina Andrea Teacher - HHS LMSD-Psychologist
Dr. Fitzpatrick-Doria Geraldine Administrator - DAO Director of Elementary Ed.
Ms. Fletcher Sherry Teacher - PWES Teacher - Elementary
Dr. Gilbert Melissa Board of Directors Board of Directors
Ms. Glackman Penny Teacher - MRES Teacher - Elementary
Mrs. Goldberg Jen Elementary - DAO Elementary Instructional Technology Specialist
Ms. Goyette Kimberly Community Member Professor at Temple Univ.
Mr. Guinnane Pat Administrator LMSD Director of Operations
Mr. Hall Chris Administrator - WVMS Principal - Welsh Valley Middle
Ms. Helton Joni Community Member Co-Founder Next Level Sports
Mr. Hoffman Mark Parent Parent
Ms. Hughes Erin Parent Parent
Mr. Imaizumi Dan Teacher - LMEA - HHS Teacher - Physics
Mr. Johnson Joel Community Member Executive Director of Montgomery County Housing Authority
Ms. Levin Stephanie Parent Parent
Ms. Levin-Simon Gael Parent - Board Appointed Parent
Dr. Marseille Wagner Administrator - DAO Acting Superintendent
Dr. Martino Dan Administrator - CYES Principal - Elementary
Dr. McCormick Marie Consultant President Insyte Partners
Mr. McFadden Justin Student - LMHS Student - Lower Merion
Ms. McKendrick Kiki Parent - Board Appointed Parent
Ms. McMaster Sara Teacher - CY LMSD Reading Specialists
Mr. Mobley Harry Parent Parent
Ms. Morris Katy Teacher - WVMS Teacher- Math
Ms. Nartowicz Gwen Coordinator - DAO Coordinator of Professional Learning and Gifted
Dr. Nichols Rachel Teacher - BCMS Teacher - Gifted
Mr. Oakes Chris Teacher - BHES LMSD Math Specialist
Ms. Partridge Lynn Administrator - PWES Assistant Principal
Ms. Peetros Victoria Parent - GLES Parent - CSE
Ms. Perna-Elias Maria Teacher - BH Teacher - Elementary
Ms. Perrotti JoAnn Consultant Director of Strategic Services & Communication -BCIU
Dr. Pratt Leslie Teacher - LMHS Teacher - English
Ms. Quinlan Terry Supervisor - DAO Supervisor of School Health Services
Ms. Ranson Barbara Teacher - Special Education Teacher-Special Education
Ms. Rauenzahn Jayne Teacher - LMEA - MRES Teacher - Gifted
Ms. Richardson Gabby Student - LMHS Student - Lower Merion
Ms. Robinson Subha Board of Directors Board of Directors
Ms. Rocco Deb Parent Parent- ISC CO President
Ms. Roessner Patty Teacher - LMEA - HHS Teacher - Social Studies
Mr. Russ Loue Teacher - LMHS Teacher -Art
Ms. Savage ShaVon Administrator - DAO Administrator for Special Education
Ms. Scott Liz Community Member Executive Director Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
Ms. Scott Cheynell Parent Parent
Ms. Shafer Megan Administrator - DAO Assistant to the Superintendent for  District Administration
Mr. Speer Jim Community Member Website Designer and Programmer
Dr. Vann Lynch Robin Board of Directors Board of Directors
Ms. Wagner Santoi Parent Parent
Ms. Walker Muneera Parent Parent
Mr. Warshaw Robbie Student - LMHS Student - Lower Merion
Dr. Wexler Joanna Administrator - DAO Supervisor of Student Services
Ms. Wilson-Harvey Andrea Teacher - LMEA - HHS Teacher - Special Education
Mr. Young Doug Administrator - DAO Director of Communications and Outreach

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