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Lower Merion School District


Strategic Planning

Lower Merion School District is currently engaged in an ambitious strategic planning process that will provide the framework for public education in our community for the next five years and beyond. The process will require contributions from a broad cross-section of stakeholders and there are numerous opportunities for public feedback and engagement.

In an era of infinite information resources, expanding global networks, disruptive technologies, and education innovation, it is critical that we remain ahead of the curve. We are asking community members to help us re-imagine our educational system, to ensure that we are doing all we can to prepare future generations of children for success.

In recent years, LMSD strategic planning has been driven largely by state planning requirements, and plans have been developed to address specific issues and perceived weaknesses. The 2014 planning process is intended to be much more expansive in scope. Drawing upon the extensive resources unique to this community, this is an opportunity to think big, to create, to be bold -- to lead. We hope you will join us in developing an innovative, meaningful and effective strategic plan -- one that honors the proud legacy of our District and positions our students for success in the years ahead.