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Lower Merion School District


Student-Driven Schools

LMSD students engage in navigating their own learning and growth in close partnership with our professionals. We create an environment where students value self-reflection and inquiry and play a central role in identifying their passions and achieving their goals. We nurture and celebrate the individual strengths of our students and help them to develop competencies that ensure their success beyond the LMSD experience.



"I regularly utilize socratic seminars to increase student voice in the learning process… Students create their own discussion questions about essential learning and then direct seminars to help deepen their learning."

-History Teacher, High School

"Student voice is important at WV. As part of the FORUM committee, we gather students' yearly feedback and input to improve our teaching and lesson planning."

-Reading Teacher, Middle School

"When students are provided opportunities to have choice, give feedback, self-evaluate and conference with their teacher, they recognize the importance of their voice to the whole learning process."

-Grade 5 Teacher, Elementary School

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