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Lower Merion School District


Transformative Curriculum

LMSD offers a transformative interdisciplinary curriculum that is student-driven and fosters innovation and positive risk-taking. It transcends Standards, is inquiry-based, and connects the classroom to the world. Our curriculum encompasses diverse perspectives, promotes global awareness, and makes use of culturally responsive teaching and learning practices. This dynamic, adaptable curriculum provides vertically and horizontally aligned curricular experiences, ensuring every student learns from the connections across subject areas and receives a comprehensive and balanced education. Subject material is relevant to the world our children will enter in college and as adults. Innovation is the rule and not the exception.



"One way to help students transfer their learning is to scaffold it so they can gradually take responsibility for learning and self-monitor and self-advocate more often because they are more self-aware."

-Math Specialist, Elementary School

"Inquiry is a large part of the science curriculum and is driven by labs and hands-on activities...Students must develop a problem solving method with their lab partner to test their ideas."

-Chemistry teacher, High School

"The community is the place where learning comes to life. When we’re in the community on field trips, the real world helps students to make deeper and broader connections."

-Grade 4 Teacher, Elementary School

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