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Lower Merion School District


Redefining Success

LMSD's definition of success incorporates creativity, critical thinking, love of learning, and innovation for each and every child to encourage globally aware and engaged students. We reach far beyond standardized test scores, embracing and celebrating the many ways in which students demonstrate individual growth.



"Success is being able to pick up your instrument and play a song for the joy of creating music. Success is hearing music and being able to understand what you have heard."

-Music Teacher, Elementary School

"Success is growth, not only in academics, but also in social-emotional areas. In order to recognize what growth looks like, you have to have a personal relationship with each student."

-School Counselor, Middle School

"By struggling with complex ideas out loud and generating my own questions, I try to model how learning takes shape and show that making sense of information isn't always a linear process. The real reward is that "aha" moment."

-English Teacher, High School

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