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Lower Merion School District


Commitment to Professional Learning Pathway Team Update - April 2016

The Commitment to Professional Learning Pathway Team meets monthly to map out broad action steps for strategies identified in the plan. Team members represent a full K-12 spectrum of roles and responsibilities and bring their ideas, experience and vision into each meeting to thoughtfully implement the plan in service of our students.

The most recent April meeting concluded our initial mapping out of action steps to enact strategies we believe will achieve our pathway's big idea. Click here to see an artifact of our work. Although we still have work to do (at our May meeting, we'll identify persons responsible for carrying out actions, needed resources, reasonable timelines, and specific connections between our pathway's work and the work of others), we've achieved a milestone by collaboratively identifying and sequencing general actions for each strategy in our pathway. Interwoven throughout all of our action planning are robust discussions about instructional practice, particularly those practices that are likely to achieve the high-quality student learning outcomes identified in the plan's vision statement.