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Lower Merion School District


Commitment to Professional Learning Pathway Team Update - March 2016

The Commitment to Professional Learning Pathway Team meets monthly to map out broad action steps for strategies identified in this pathway of the plan. Team members represent a full K-12 spectrum of roles and responsibilities and bring their lens, experience and voice into each meeting in an effort to best serve our students.

The most recent March meeting focused on instructional practices that yield high-quality results for student learning. We identified student learning outcomes that are described in the plan’s vision statement. Mapping backward from that and anchored in research about evidence-based practices, we identified some of the instructional practices that will assist us in achieving those desired outcomes for our students. For example, we value and research validates the use of different cooperative grouping mechanisms to help increase opportunities for active participation and engagement in learning. We believe the use of cooperative groups will help students to develop the communication and collaboration skills required for our students to contribute and lead in the 21st century. We also identified some of the professional learning experiences needed to help students develop the skills called for in the plan’s vision.