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Lower Merion School District


Get Involved

Participate in an Immersion Experience
Immersion experiences are opportunities to learn through direct observation of our own system. Visit a school or classroom to develop a more informed understanding. Use this experience to study "bright spots" - practices and programs already occurring in the District that are consistent with the plan's priorities.

Take a Learning Journey
Learning journeys are opportunities to learn through direct observation of systems outside of our own. Gain insight by visiting organizations, businesses or educational environments to help facilitate innovation, promote new ideas and maximize the plan's potential.

Design a Prototype
Prototypes are small scale, testable ideas that provide information used to improve the system and better align practices and programs with the plan's priorities. Prototyping is a way to gather information about the usefulness of ideas and to "learn by doing" directly within a relevant context. Prototypes will promote innovation in our system and help us make positive, lasting change.

Share Your Feedback
Ongoing community feedback is critical to the successful implementation of the plan. To submit ideas, questions and comments, email and include "All Forward" in the subject line.

Ask Questions
To submit a question about the plan email FAQs available here.