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Lower Merion School District


YES Academy (current 5th-7th graders)

Youth Experiencing Success

The Youth Experiencing Success (YES) Academy is designed for rising seventh and eighth grade students to enhance awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of the middle school curriculum through hands-on experiences. This four-week program will help students prepare for the upcoming school year in a supportive learning environment.


YES Academy will enhance awareness, knowledge and appreciation of the curriculum through hands-on experiences. The program is designed to capture interest, foster enjoyment of learning from within, and build self-esteem by helping students develop a strong sense of self-confidence. Students will have the opportunity to reinforce basic skills in reading, writing, science and math; practice study skills; learn organizational strategies; and develop test-taking strategies in a supportive learning environment.


The curriculum is adjusted each year to address current topics and to ensure new content for any returning students. The day is broken up in to five 35-minute blocks. Four of the blocks focus on basic skills in the areas of reading, writing, science and math. The science and math are hands-on and project-based. The fifth block addresses PSSA preparation.

The YES Academy community of students, staff and families is committed to forming a partnership that:

  1. perpetuates an environment that encourages learning, cooperation and respect for individuality
  2. embraces the emotional and physical growth of all students
  3. fosters a positive and safe environment

Attendance Policy

It is important that students who accept the invitation attend the sessions for the full four weeks that it is offered. Students have increased chances of maintaining and increasing their academic skills when they participate on a daily basis.

Absence for three or more days without notifying the YES Academy staff in advance is considered voluntary termination of the student's enrollment in the program.