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Lower Merion School District


Summer Math Packets (6-12)

The purpose of the Summer Math Packet is to ensure that students are engaged in meaningful work that will reinforce important skills that are needed for the upcoming school year. With the exception of a few high school elective courses, all of the information contained in the packets is based on content and skills that have already been presented in prior courses.

The packets sometimes include links to tutorials, which are useful when addressing concepts that students may need to review. These packets should be seen as independent work for students and reflective of a student's best effort; therefore, there is no need to secure outside support or a tutor to help them complete the task. If there is material that presents a challenge, have the students note what the difficulties are on their papers and encourage them to demonstrate their best effort. The packets may be graded as homework and teachers will only be looking for effort toward completion since all answers will be provided to the students ahead of time.

Upon return to school in the fall, a quiz based on the Summer Math Packet content may be administered. The results of the quiz, unless otherwise noted, will be used for diagnostic purposes only and will not be factored into a student's grade. The information will, however, be used to determine whether an individual student, groups of students, or an entire class needs additional support for thorough understanding of foundational concepts.

If you have any questions regarding the Summer Math Packets, please contact Jason Lilly, Supervisor of Secondary STEM Supervisor, at