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S.P.I.E.S. (PreK-5)

The 2020 SPIES program has been cancelled.

Succeed, Progress, Improve, Enjoy your Summer

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Since 1993 S.P.I.E.S. has been providing exceptional summer educational services to students who had experienced difficulty in reading, writing, or mathematics at the elementary level. Its goal is to continue to support the mission and vision of LMSD by creating a bridge of learning that extends beyond the traditional school year.


The S.P.I.E.S. program runs for six weeks from June 23 – July 31, 2020. There is no school on July 3, 2020. The school day begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 1:00 PM. The typical day includes reading, writing, mathematics, and activities involving computers, art and STEM. Students will receive lunch and enjoy a recess period. The program fee is $765. A $75 nonrefundable deposit is required at the time of registration. The balance of the registration fee is due by June 5, 2020. Please note that S.P.I.E.S. fees do not qualify as a child and dependent care expense deduction for federal income tax purposes. Therefore, the District will not provide its Employer Identification Number for this purpose.


In order to maximize the learning that occurs during a summer program we expect our students to attend the entire six-week program to receive the full benefits of the program. Absences can prevent students from receiving the full benefits of the program. Chronic absences from the program will result in a meeting with the S.P.I.E.S. principal. Parents/Guardians who have prior knowledge of family commitments must inform the S.P.I.E.S. staff during the registration process.

Transportation is provided by Lower Merion School District. Students are picked up at their designated bus stops and arrive to school no later than 9:00 AM. Students are dismissed from class to the bus line at 12:50 PM and leave campus at exactly 1:00 PM.

Should enrollment reach capacity, a wait list will be started.

Please contact Shawn Bernatowicz at for more information.

Shawn Bernatowicz
S.P.I.E.S. Principal
Phone: 610-645-1450

Student participating in the SPIES Summer Program

2020 Registration

The 2020 SPIES Program has been cancelled.