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Elementary School Suggested Summer Reading

Dear Lower Merion Families,

We all look forward to a summer filled with family, friends, fun and READING! The following book list is suggested reading for this summer. Many of these titles are available on our eBook and audiobook platform --MackinVIA (“*” for MackinVIA). The Lower Merion public libraries make every effort to have each title as well (“+” for LM public libraries).

Your child should choose a book that is interesting and at a comfortable reading level; too many unknown words may lead to frustration. If your child is interested in a difficult book, partner-read or read it aloud. If the book is too easy, read it anyway to build fluency and confidence. You can look for another book by the same author, as most of these authors have written other good books! 

As you read, encourage your child to ask questions, make predictions, and relate the story to their own life. The attached Bingo game is optional and just for fun. Rising 4th graders who may be interested can find the Reading Olympics list for Spring 2024 on the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit website. Remember to visit your local public library and to participate in their wonderful summer reading programs as well!

Have a terrific summer!


Lower Merion Elementary Librarians

Reading Bingo