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Starting in the 2020-21 school year, Lower Merion School District is offering K-12 online learning for students who cannot attend physically in a school building due to medical necessity or for other personal reasons. The Lower Merion Virtual Academy (LMVA) is a completely online learning program offered through the Lower Merion School District in partnership with the Montgomery Virtual Program (MVP). Students will take all of their courses online through MVP while still being enrolled as a student in the Lower Merion School District. There is no tuition cost for LMSD residents.

MVP courses are delivered in an asynchronous (may be accessed anytime 24/7) format the majority of the time. This allows students the flexibility to work at their own pace and to sign on whenever is most beneficial for them during the day. This could even be later at night when a typical school day would have already ended. There are opportunities to interact with a live person within MVP, especially when students have specific questions, or after assessments when the teacher may offer specific feedback. Each student is expected to log into his or her coursework five days a week. The program allows for flexibility and autonomy for each student/family to decide what schedule works best for them. LMVA will contact the school liaison with any attendance concerns and plan for follow-up with the family as needed.

This online learning program is rigorous and the content aligns with the Lower Merion School District’s curriculum. Thus, students should expect to invest a significant time commitment to their school work daily for the entire duration of the semester. Regular online learners will tell you that keeping a daily routine and participating daily in your online courses - just as if you were going into a school building daily - optimizes learning and often translates into greater success in the course.

Enrollment in LMVA is by semester. Re-enrollment into another semester and/or switching back to your home school can only happen during registration windows which occur prior to the start of each new semester.

Parent/Guardian involvement is key for student success in online programs. While secondary students may have had experiences with online learning, full time online programs take as much dedication and effort and more self-motivation and self-discipline than what might be needed if attending school in person. Elementary students will be experiencing an entirely new method of learning and will need adult monitoring and supervision. For that reason, elementary parents/guardians will be viewed as a Learning Coach for their child(ren).

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Registration opens July 17, 2020, and closes on August 28, 2020 at 12:00 PM. 

If you are going to register your student, please click the link below.

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