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Education Week

In Transition to Common Core, Some High Schools Turn to “Integrated” Math

Integrated Math and the transition to the Common Core

  • Discusses the differences between the traditional and integrated pathways along with the strengths and challenges associated with adopting an integrated curriculum. It also references the Mathematics Vision Project.

Hanover Research

Supporting An Integrated Mathematics Curriculum

A Summary of Available Research on Integrated Mathematics

  • Includes a summary and key findings through research around Integrated Mathematics. Additional information is provided about the effectiveness of Integrated Mathematics and best practices for implementation.

Science Daily

Non-traditional mathematics curriculum results in higher standardized test scores

Integrated Math and standardized test results

  • Research from the University of Missouri that challenges the traditional approach to mathematics curriculum based on results from students who learned through an integrated approach. References are made to countries of the world who outperform the United States in STEM fields and their approach to math instruction.