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Lower Merion School District


Integrated Mathematics

There are exciting changes coming to our secondary mathematics program. Some highlights include additional course offerings and acceleration points at the middle level and a shift to integrated mathematics rather than the traditional Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 courses across the four secondary buildings. These changes have been part of a strategic plan exploration and are in line with our transformative goals. As a result of these changes, we will be able to provide a more connected and personalized math experience for all students.

Our new Integrated Math courses will be utilizing resources created by the Mathematics Vision Project. These are open source documents that are available for anyone to download. By clicking on the Mathematics Vision Project link, you will be able to access student notes and teacher notes for each lesson and unit as well as some optional homework help items that are available for a small fee. These additional help items are neither endorsed nor required by the Mathematics Vision Project authors in order to be successful, but are available as an optional support or resource for those interested in purchasing them.

We invite and encourage you to explore these changes further through the information available on this site.