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Lower Merion School District


Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology in Lower Merion School District has evolved over the past decade from classrooms with single computer workstations to a fully integrated 21st century teaching and learning environment. Teachers are equipped with state-of-the-art resources to help engage, enrich, and challenge students in a collaborative setting. Students have access to laptops, tablet devices, interactive whiteboards, online subscriptions, and a host of course specific software. Parents and guardians are able to stay in touch and stay informed via the District website and school-based teacher webpages.

The District is committed to staying at the forefront of technology integration to ensure students enter to learn and go forth to serve with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful members of a dynamic world.

The elementary school technology education program encompasses the introduction of technology, and the integration of educational applications, programs and online resources in the learning process. Students learn to utilize and appropriately maintain devices including tablets and laptops and gain a foundation for digital citizenship.

The middle school technology education program courses allow students to explore a wide range of technological systems. Students design and create solutions to challenges and explore careers associated within the related science, technology, and engineering fields. Technological problem-solving skills are developed through the use of hands-on activities, and open-ended projects and design challenges.

The high school technology education program builds on the foundations gained in middle school, offering students the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge and more refined skills to be productive in a sophisticated, technological world.

Students work on video editing on one of the district's computers.

Technical Support

For support of district technology devices and resources, please email .