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Lower Merion School District


Family Resources

Committee for Special Education (CSE)

The Committee for Special Education (CSE) is a parent-led volunteer organization serving families of children with IEPs, GIEPs, and/or 504 Service Agreements in Lower Merion School District since 1972. CSE helps families advocate for their children to obtain resources and services through training and parent/guardian supports. We work to expand opportunities for children and young adults with special needs. The CSE website provides information about upcoming events and laws/policies that affect families of children with educational, social, emotional, or medical needs.

Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education

The Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education is a nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to helping gifted learners, parents and educators. An affiliate of National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), since 1951, PAGE has assisted countless parents, teachers and administrators in helping Pennsylvania’s gifted learners reach their full potential. We do this through our free Helpline, our network of local affiliates, annual conferences, and effective advocacy.

Lower Merion PAGE

Lower Merion PAGE is a local Affiliate of the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education, a statewide organization dedicated to the needs of gifted learners in Pennsylvania. We are a group of parent volunteers whose purpose is to support gifted education in Lower Merion Township by serving as a resource and advocate for gifted students, their families and educators. Lower Merion PAGE serves as a liaison between LMSD administrators and families with gifted students. We communicate regularly with school district officials about issues related to gifted education in our schools. Lower Merion PAGE also serves as a sounding board for parents who have specific questions about their child’s gifted services or general questions about gifted identification and education in LMSD.

Other Resources