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Lower Merion School District


Transformative Goals

Within and beyond the school walls, learners independently seek to:


  • Explore and develop personal interests, inquiries, and passions.
  • Craft communication through choice of  model(s) of expression, strategic use of evidence, and command of language to reach intended audience(s).
  • Set learning goal(s) that are pursued and evaluated until the goal(s) are realized or new ideas emerge.


  • Navigate through diverse sources and perspectives to reach discerning and thoughtful understandings.
  • Advocate for self and other by drawing on compassion and courage to speak up for what's right and just.
  • Share stories, ideas, and points of view while engaging other to think interdependently and act collectively.


  • Use processes (e.g., design thinking, creative problem solving, and system thinking) to develop solutions and to understand the role of failure in learning.
  • Investigate challenging contemporary global and local issues by pursuing questions or lines of thinking.
  • Make informed choices that support social, emotional and personal health and well being.