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Lower Merion School District


Half Days & Emergency Closures

LMSD  and Right At School (RAS) have been working together to ensure that your child experiences smooth transitions and safe and appropriate care on    scheduled half-days.

For the 2019-20  school year, the half-days when there is no PM kindergarten, are:

  • Thursday, October 31, 2019
  • Wednesday, November 27, 2019
  • Friday, January 17,   2020
  • Friday, February 14 , 2020
  • Friday, May 22, 2020

At the same time, our working group is preparing for other potential schedule changes, such as weather-related emergency late openings (when there will be no AM kindergarten) and emergency early dismissals, which may happen as we advance into the Winter months.

There are many variables that will affect where your child will be and how they will get there during these scenarios. These include whether they attend AM or PM kindergarten and whether they attend before-care, after-care and/or kindergarten enrichment (K wrap).

Please check these charts, which we hope will make it easier to find the scenario that will affect your kindergarten child(ren). At the top of each page, you’ll find 1) whether it’s for   AM    or   PM  students and 2) what the scenario is.