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Lower Merion School District


EL Assessments, Placement and Exit Criteria

EL assessments assist educators with programmatic decisions such as identification and placement of ELs.

WIDA ACCESS Placement Test (W-APT)

W-APT stands for the WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test. It is an English language proficiency "screener" test given to kindergarten students that have registered for classes who may be designated as English language learners.

The Entrance Requirements: In Kindergarten a Listening and Speaking composite score of 19     or lower   or between 20-24   inclusive   AND   reading  ≤ 6 OR writing score ≤ 4 on the W-APT assessment is eligible for ELD services. In some cases, multiple criteria may be used to determine eligibility.

WIDA Screener Placement Test

Students in grades 1-12 will be administered the WIDA Screener. A WIDA Screener composite score of 5.0       or lower is eligible to receive ELD service.

Exit Criteria

The Lower Merion School District follows the exit criteria requirements as outline by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Click here to view the Exit Criteria.