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Lower Merion School District


CARE Committee

The District recognizes the value and necessity of engaging all community stakeholders in its efforts to provide a high quality education to its students. The Committee to Address Race in Education (CARE) was formed in 1997 in order to forge school-community partnerships and opportunities for stakeholders to work collaboratively to serve all students. The CARE committee meets monthly from September through May each year to communicate about issues of race that have implications for education, advise the school district on issues of policy and practice, report about programs that benefit all racial/ethnic groups, and educate all stakeholders in an effort to increase understanding and bring all students to the highest possible levels of achievement.

CARE Mission

  • To support the needs of African-American students and help them achieve to their fullest potential
  • To be a resource for schools
  • To uncover and address issues that pertains to race in education
  • To review the literature/research as a means to achieve the mission
  • To raise the consciousness of the LM community about racism and its effect on our students
  • To be a vehicle for change
  • To represent the various stakeholder groups (administrators, teachers, parents, and community members) in an effort to put the community together