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Lower Merion School District


Cultural Proficiency

In accordance with efforts to help all students achieve both academically and socially, we recognize our responsibility to ensure that our educators acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enable them to effectively relate to and educate all students who comprise the District's diverse student population. Additionally, each school maintains a Cultural Proficiency Cadre. This group of educators convenes regularly to facilitate ongoing professional development and dialogue on issues designed to build the capacity of building educators to foster a school and classroom environment that is welcoming, accepting, and inviting for all students.

To provide ongoing support to Cadre leadership teams in each school building, the District provides 14 or 7 hours of ongoing professional development to cohorts of Cadre leaders throughout the school year. These efforts are part of the District's ongoing commitment to ensure that all LMSD educators are culturally proficient practitioners who are prepared to serve all students in our classrooms.