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Lower Merion School District


Achievement Imperative Task Force

Started by Superintendent Copeland in January of 2016, the mission of the Achievement Imperative Task Force (AITF) is to:

  • eradicate the discrepancy in student achievement in LMSD
  • establish practices and implementation strategies that are research-based and measurable
  • meld the District commitment for cultural literacy with actionable steps
  • establish an ongoing and sustainable response to student learning

The Task Force supports the work of the Committee to Address Race in Education (CARE) and serves as its “action arm.”

Cultural Competence

Cultural competence is having an awareness of one's own cultural identity and views about difference, and the ability to learn and build on the varying cultural and community norms of students and their families. It is the ability to understand the within-group differences that make each student unique, while celebrating the between-group variations  that make our country a tapestry. This understanding informs and expands teaching practices in the culturally competent educator's classroom. 

American classrooms are becoming increasingly diverse. As NEA President Dennis Van Roekl has noted, "Educators with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to value diversity among students will contribute to an educational system designed to serve all students well."

Cultural competence is a key factor in enabling educators to be effective  with students  from cultures other  than  their own.