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Green Council

Remember...These Come From Trees stickers

The seeds of positive, sustainable change in our school community have been planted by the Green Council of LMSD, a team of concerned staff, students, parents and community members, who provide District-wide policy and practice recommendations. The Green Council's mission is three-fold:

  1. Make a positive measureable difference in our environmental practices and their related economic advantages to our school community and township.
  2. Develop collaborative relationships with other groups and individuals to expedite the process of environmental change.
  3. Strive to integrate environmental education and awareness programs throughout the K-12 curriculum.

These will be achieved through the formulation, adoption, and implementation of an environmentally-sustainable living policy. By having all schools in the district recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum, and by employing other sound waste management, and energy/water conservation practices, we will contribute to the health and vitality of the District and township. By engaging all students in the learning and implementation of the policies through lesson plan integration, they will be prepared to think and behave sustainably.

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