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Welsh Valley's "Waterbound" gets into character during Tom Sawyer Day
Welsh Valley's "Waterbound" gets into character during Tom Sawyer Day

Welsh Valley Middle School's Waterbound Program recently brought Mark Twain's classic novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer to life during a fun-filled day at Rolling Hill Park. All students wore costumes of the time period and participated in acting out a scene from the novel, which of course included whitewashing a fence. Students earned tickets by participating in old fashioned games including potato sack races, sunflower seed spitting, a "clothes-hanging" relay, and shooting slingshots. Students which could then redeem their tickets at an old-fashioned confectionary. The day concluded with a competitive boat race down a section of Mill Creek that could only be made from materials that would have been available to Tom Sawyer. The students truly enjoyed stepping back in time and spending the day with Tom, Becky, and Huck!

Waterbound is a seventh grade interdisciplinary program at Welsh Valley Middle School that puts a unique spin on the traditional curriculum. While academically rigorous, the activities are designed to appeal to all types of learning styles as students experience first person history, integration of technology, thematic events, the natural world, and much more. Each learning unit, led by teachers Marybeth Raidy and John V'Soske, culminates in a "special day" in which students step directly in to the roles and lives of the related characters and/or time period.

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