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Welsh Valley's Jennifer Dai Named PAEA 'Student Artist of the Month'
Welsh Valley's Jennifer Dai Named PAEA 'Student Artist of the Month'

Welsh Valley Middle School eighth grader Jennifer Dai was named the Student Artist of the Month for October by the Pennsylvania Art Education Association (PAEA) for outstanding achievement in visual art! Dai was nominated by WVMS art teacher Catherine Petrino, who had the following to say about her student:

Jennifer has shown a true commitment to improving and building on her art skills, methods and techniques. When several options for an art project are offered, Jennifer challenges herself to try the more difficult option and sees the project through to a successful finish. Her dedication to art is unmistakable and her grit to work through challenges in her art is nothing short of impressive.

Dai credits her innate sensitivity as an inspiration for her art. She mentioned how she is able read things like facial expressions, body language and social cues as clues to intuit how others are feeling, and such empathy helps to galvanize her creative process. She also discussed how art serves as an important outlet for her to express herself, especially if she is feeling down or worried.

"I think art is really powerful," said Dai. "it means more than just drawing and doing 'art' things. I think it means imagination and dreaming. Art can express many things, like mood, feeling, atmosphere or just your perspective, so mostly it is my feeling that guides me to draw my art."

Congratulations to the immensely talented Jennifer on this terrific achievement! Your artwork is extraordinary! Keep up the great work!

The PAEA actively supports and promotes visual art education through professional development, leadership, and service. For more information about the PAEA, visit their website here.

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