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Welsh Valley TSA takes top honors at State Conference
Welsh Valley TSA takes top honors at State Conference

The Welsh Valley Middle School Technology Student Association (TSA) made their presence felt at the recent 2019 TSA State Conference in Seven Springs, PA as the Dragons took home a total of 44 wins – the most of any team at this year's competition. This marks the 12th consecutive year that Welsh Valley has earned this impressive distinction. Fifteen students returned from the competition as state champions after winning their team and/or individual STEM events and the entire team will now advance to this summer's National TSA Conference, which will be take place in June.

Congratulations to all of Welsh Valley's award-winning students and best of luck at Nationals!

Challenging Technology IssuesZoe Berman, Hana Boulware1st Place
Sam Lienau, Hana Boulware, Surya Penna, Albert Young, Joey Beh,
Elias Catania
1st Place
Electrical ApplicationsJeremy Senh, Avik Peddi1st Place
Essays on TechnologyZoe Berman1st Place
Forensic TechnologyHana Boulware, Surya Penna1st Place
Leadership StrategiesJoey Beh, Davin Fenstermaker, Adam Lee1st Place
Avik Peddi, Stone Xin, Jason Han, Jeremy Senh, Davin Fenstermaker1st Place
Safety IllustrationSam Lineau1st Place
SnapshotSarah Miller1st Place
Structural EngineeringElias Catania, Alex Huth1st Place
Tech Bowl (Written)Hana Boulware1st Place
BiotechnologyKevin Shen, Garrett Leach, Ariana McGann, Maryam Naser2nd Place
Chapter TeamSurya Penna, Zoe Berman, Julia Carrasco, Sabrina Fay, Katherine Smith, Ikram Ashi2nd Place
Electrical ApplicationsJoey Beh, Albert Young2nd Place
Forensic TechnologySabrina Fay, Alice Li2nd Place
Leadership StrategiesIkram Ashi, Elias Catania, Alex Huth2nd Place
Mass ProductionElias Catania, Nolan McGrane-Moffitt, Wyatt Young, Cole Chodkowski, Zach Friedant, Sam Lienau2nd Place
Mechanical EngineeringWyatt Young, Nolan McGrane-Moffitt, Maya Taylor, Kevin Shen, Maya Goldstein, Ella Goodbinder2nd Place
CAD FoundationsNolan McGrane-Moffitt3rd Place
Mass ProductionAdam Gilbert, Hana Boulware, Coralie Bilello, Kevin Shen, Garrett Leach3rd Place
Adam Lee, Sam Lienau, Camille Davis, Joey Beh, Albert Young, Alex Huth3rd Place
Medical TechnologyKatherine Smith, Alice Li, Ikram Ashi, Julia Carrasco, Maya Goldstein3rd Place
Chapter Team
Surya Penna4th Place
Delta DartStone Xin4th Place
Medical TechnologySurya Penna, Albert Young, Zoe Berman, Maya Taylor, Kevin Shen4th Place
Tech Bowl (Written)Albert Young4th Place
Chapter Team
Katherine Smith 5th Place
CAD FoundationsJeremy Senh5th Place
Electrical ApplicationsJason Han, Stone Xin5th Place
Flight Jason Han5th Place
FlightJeremy Senh6th Place
Inventions & InnovationsKatherine Smith, Surya Penna, Alex Huth, Ikram Ashi, Garrett Leach, Ariana McGann6th Place
Website DesignAdam Gilbert, Thurston Farrell, Coralie Bilello, Avik Peddi, Elias Catania6th Place
CodingAdam Gilbert, Stone Xin7th Place
Structural EngineeringDavin Fenstermaker, Joey Beh7th Place
Leadership StrategiesCoralie Bilello, Camille Davis, Cole Chodkowski8th Place
SnapshotMaya Taylor8th Place
Structural EngineeringSam Lienau, Cole Chodkowski8th Place
Tech BowlAdam Gilbert, Nolan McGrane-Moffitt, Surya Penna8th Place
Inventions & InnovationsZoe Berman, Sabrina Fay, Coralie Bilello, Maya Taylor, Maya Goldstein9th Place
Junior Solar SprintThurston Farrell, Maryam Naser, Elias Catania, Zach Friedant9th Place
Tech BowlAlbert Young, Hana Boulware, Wyatt Young9th Place
Tech Bowl (Written)Wyatt Young9th Place
Technical DesignMaryam Naser, Zach Friedant10th Place

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