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Update to Pathway Change Request Process
Update to Pathway Change Request Process

LMSD is no longer accepting requests for pathway changes into LMSD@Home for grades K-8 or into the first semester of LMVA. Requests pending as of October 1, 2020, will be processed by the District Administration.

High school students may still request a change into LMSD@Home. And all students may still request a change into the Pathway to In-Person Instruction. Information about registration for the second semester of LMVA will be shared once it is available.

To request a pathway change, please fill out this form.

Registration for LMSD@Home closed on August 17, 2020. In an effort to accommodate families whose circumstances changed so that in-person instruction was no longer an option for their children, the District allowed families to request Pathway changes into LMSD@Home through the month of September and considered those requests.

No further requests are being considered now that LMSD@Home K-8 enrollment is at well over 800 students. Most LMSD@Home classes are near or at optimal capacity. With pending requests, a few may rise above those optimal levels.

Adding new teachers to create balanced classes at this time would necessitate additional disruptions for LMSD@Home students and staff. Further, the District is experiencing significant challenges in finding qualified available staff to fill these roles.

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