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Harriton's New Mural Celebrates Diversity, Resilience & Hope

The next time you are rambling through the hallways at Harriton High School, there's a good chance you will notice some conspicuous aesthetic upgrades thanks to Susannah (Suz) Rubin and her eye-catching senior project as the newly graduated artist recently completed a vibrant and expansive mural stretching across the walls of one of the first-floor corridors. The mural is dedicated to Harriton's Class of 2021 and was completed with the assistance of a small cadre of students and staff from the Harriton Art Department.

The extensive kaleidoscopic artwork is set on a sky-blue background and features an array of large, sweeping polychromatic arcs intermingled with a flock of brightly colored birds in flight.

Rubin first brought the idea for the mural to her art teacher and senior project mentor Honora Jackson, who wholeheartedly supported the proposal from the beginning. Rubin was inspired to create the mural in response to the litany of challenges faced by her classmates and society as a whole over the course of the last year-and-a-half, including hardships brought on by the pandemic and disquieting social justice issues. Below is the mural dedication Rubin wrote for the wall plaque:

"This mural is dedicated to the Class of 2021 in honor of diversity, resilience, and the power of hope in the midst of chaos. - Susannah Rubin, graduating senior 2021."

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