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Science & Art Intersect for Cynwyd's New Makerspace Mural
Science & Art Intersect for Cynwyd's New Makerspace Mural

Cynwyd Elementary School students and staff are currently collaborating with Owls' alumnae and artist Rebecca Rutstein (LM '89) as they work to bring a new mural merging the worlds of art and science to their Library Makerspace.

Rutstein – whose work spans painting, sculpture, interactive installation and public art – creates work at the intersection of art, science and technology. With interests in geology, microbiology and marine science, Rutstein is passionate about creating visual and interactive experiences that shed light on places and processes hidden from view, forging a dialogue about environmental stewardship in the face of climate change.

The artwork for Cynwyd's new mural is inspired by Rutstein's study of carbon cycling and the origins of life on the deep ocean floor. She is one of just a few artists in the world who has traveled aboard the Alvin Deep Ocean Research Submersible and she uses those experiences to inspire her artwork.

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