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Penn Wynne, Penn Valley Musicians Band Together for Virtual Performance
Penn Wynne, Penn Valley Musicians Band Together for Virtual Performance

When fourth grade students select which musical instrument they are going to play, they do so with a sense of excitement and an eye towards the future in anticipation of one day having the chance to perform during what will be the first of many concerts.

This year's fifth grade class had patiently waited for their turn to take the stage as they watched older students enjoy the rite of musical passage while performing in their beginner and intermediate elementary school concerts. With the untimely interruption of COVID-19, however, the current fifth grade class unfortunately missed their fourth-grade beginners band concert and, as the pandemic lingered, were in danger of losing out on their last chance to perform together as an elementary ensemble before moving on to their respective middle schools.

The Band Director at Penn Wynne and Penn Valley, Charlotte DiNenna, did not want all of her students' practice and hard work to go unacknowledged or for them to miss out on the opportunity to play together as a group. To remedy the situation, DiNenna decided to organize a virtual performance to highlight and celebrate her young musicians.

DiNenna coordinated an effort with 31 students from Penn Valley and Penn Wynne as each brass, wind and percussion player individually recorded themselves performing "Procession of Heroes" by Robert W. Smith and Michael Sweeney. Once all of the videos were submitted, DiNenna worked with Zeswitz Music and Skynine Video Productions to merge all of the videos into one big virtual performance.

To watch the Penn Valley and Penn Wynne Intermediate Band's Virtual Performance, click play below!

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