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Penn Valley welcomes Almanac Dance Circus Theatre
Penn Valley welcomes Almanac Dance Circus Theatre

Penn Valley Elementary School recently welcomed Almanac Dance Circus Theatre in a pair of fun-filled cultural enrichment assemblies sponsored by the Home & School Association (HSA).

Almanac Dance Circus Theatre forges ensemble-driven performances that fuse acrobatics, storytelling and daring physicality with their youth programming focusing on cooperation, trust and empowerment as demonstrated through the acts of physical risk-taking and original artistic creation.

The troupe's name - "Dance Circus Theatre" - stems from the essential parts of those three genres and combine them to craft a new hybrid. They are "theatre in their understanding of storytelling and character, dance in their attention to bodies and rhythm, and circus in their use of movements that aren't just beautiful or graceful but visibly difficult to achieve with a real risk of failure." As an ensemble they are always challenging themselves to be more trusting, rigorous and daring, and through their workshops and performances, invite students to seek out those same qualities in themselves.

Throughout the assemblies, the four performers of Almanac Dance Circus Theatre tumbled, climbed, flew and fell through the air in a physical language of storytelling-in-action. Audience participation was highly encouraged as several students were brought up on stage and asked to interpret what the various dance positions meant to the students. To view a slideshow of pictures from the assemblies, click on the image below.

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