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Parents share their passions & interests with Merion students
Parents share their passions & interests with Merion students

Merion Elementary School recently hosted their second annual "Parent Share" – an event where parents are invited to share a passion, talent or field of expertise in their child's classroom. Parents were made aware of the event at Back-to-School Night in September before a sign-up sheet was sent home in December in preparation for the event.

In usual Merion fashion, many parents graciously volunteered their time in support of the event to come in and speak with students in a series of 20-minute presentations on a wide variety of topics – whether it was their actual profession or something they simply enjoyed doing in their spare time – including nutrition, anesthesia, hiking/camping, footwear design, traveling the world, biomedical research, finance, architecture, medicine, bullet journaling, acoustic guitar, virtual reality, "zentangle" doodling, ukulele, real estate and more!

Students enjoyed the fun-filled day and wonderful opportunity to learn about the importance of working hard, following your dreams and making sure to always find time to cultivate your interests. To view a slideshow of pictures from throughout the day, click on the image below!

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Update on Wolk litigation

On Monday, April 8, 2019, attorneys representing the Lower Merion School District filed a supplemental brief in the District's appeal of Judge Smyth's decision in the case brought by attorney Arthur Wolk and his clients against the District.