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Merion 2nd grade students perform in Spanish Play
Merion 2nd grade students perform in Spanish Play

As part of the Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools program (FLES), Merion Elementary School second grade students learn songs, stories, numbers, days of the week, animals and more to practice language skills in the classroom throughout the year. At their recent end-of-the-year production, the students put both their language and singing skills on full display in a fun-filled production for family and friends in the Merion auditorium. To view a slideshow of pictures from their performance, click on the image below.

World language is an essential component of the student experience in Lower Merion. The study of languages and cultures provides important preparation for living, leading, and achieving in a global community. In the FLES program, students learn French or Spanish starting in first grade. Students are engaged in second language instruction for 20-30 minutes two to three times per week. In FLES, the main focus is on understanding and speaking. Visuals, manipulatives, and integration of cultural topics are a crucial part of the FLES classroom. A typical class includes songs, rhymes, games, play-acting, and other physical activities.

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