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Lower Merion's Gideon Glick '06 is poised for the Broadway big-time
Lower Merion's Gideon Glick '06 is poised for the Broadway big-time

Lower Merion High School alumnus Gideon Glick was recently featured in a spotlight piece on detailing his rise from his local childhood acting days and time with the Lower Merion Players to his breakout roles in such Broadway mainstays as Spring Awakening and Significant Other. Glick will also be appearing in the upcoming star-studded blockbuster Ocean's Eight, which features Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna and Helena Bonham-Carter.

NEW YORK - The coffee mug in the corner of the dressing room says: "I don't just show up. I make an entrance."

Not that Gideon Glick needs to anymore. Once one of the more extravagant personalities to come out of Lower Merion High School, the now-28-year-old actor played everything from a court jester to somebody's mom when in the safety of suburbia, but he graduated to Broadway's Booth Theater for a breakout role in Significant Other — a play about a chronically single gay man who has to say goodbye to his best female friends as they get married.

The run ended last Sunday after 79 Broadway performances. But it made a mark, getting his broad smile into Vanity Fair, among other positive notices. The disappointment of the short run goes with the territory that Glick has known since age 11, when he made his stage debut in The Three Musketeers at Philadelphia's Wilma Theatre.

"The people who came [to Significant Other] loved it," he said. "But we saw how many people were in the house every day, so it's not a surprise. ... Being a professional actor at such a young age, I got used to rejection early."

To read the full piece written by David Patrick-Stearns on the site, click here.

Photo Credit: NY Times

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